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Boy B, who is now 15, received a three-year supervision order and is banned from using the internet unless accompanied by an adult and is not allowed access to chatrooms even if supervised.The court heard Boy B's actions were part of an "extraordinary suicide attempt".I deliberately decided not to dress “slutty”, whatever that means, because the right to wear a thong in public was not one of the things I was marching for.The only thing that I considered faintly provocative about my outfit was my butter soft leather jacket, but unless I rushed up to a stranger and said “hey, cop a feel of my sexy jacket” I thought passers by would go unprovoked.That makes a lot of pervy creeps – unless thousands of men are genuinely clueless about pulling.It’s a definite possibility, so I thought it was worth putting together a guide for boys about how to approach girls, by a girl.1.But this sort of thing happens to me at least four times a week – and that doesn’t include all the staring, leering and dodgy lines I’m subjected to in bars.

” If that same man were to try and start the same conversation by tapping me on the shoulder as we walked along a quiet road I’d be rummaging for my rape alarm.

A teenager created an "elaborate matrix of deceit" on the internet to persuade another boy he had fallen in love with to murder him, a court has heard.

The 14-year-old boy, dubbed Boy B in court, created a series of fictional characters in chatrooms, one of which ordered Boy A to murder him.

"The 14-year-old boy showed no intention to hurt anybody but himself," he said.

"I am quite convinced it was a deliberate suicide attempt." Mr Ross added: "We have not come across any underlying things that would turn a child to do this sort of thing.

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